MicroVax II/VMS - why 70mb isn't enough.

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Sun Aug 19 11:45:16 CDT 2007

At 6:08 AM -0700 8/19/07, Mr Ian Primus wrote:
>There has
>to be a way to get an OS onto a Vax in 70 megabytes.

You don't mention *what* version of VMS.  If you go with VAX/VMS 
V5.5-2 (Hobbyist V1 CD-ROM) it is possible to fit it onto a 70MB 
disk, though you'll have to leave some stuff out as I recall.  It is 
a pretty tight fit.  If you could get ahold of MicroVMS V4.x it would 
definitely fit (I have no idea where to find a copy).


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