MicroVax II/VMS - why 70mb isn't enough.

Doc Shipley doc at mdrconsult.com
Mon Aug 20 06:23:32 CDT 2007

Mr Ian Primus wrote:

> CD booting from NetBSD may work. What I found was that
> tape booting NetBSD quietly stopped working YEARS ago,
> and the FAQ was never updated. I spent a whole day
> trying to figure out why it wouldn't boot before I got
> the response on port-vax "oh, yeah, just mop boot it".
> And at that time I didn't realize I had an ethernet
> card. 

   For what it's worth, I ran NetBSD on my MV-III diskless for a long 
time.  It was considerably faster than running on RD54.

   I expect that ESDI is faster than MFM, but running diskless would get 
you around the 70MB limit.  Running swap on the local disk would not 
only be faster than straight diskless, but would exercise the ESDI 

   I've never run an InfoServer, but mopd on my Debian Linux box has 
booted anything I tried against it, except a DECstation 5000-200.  That 
was a known issue with NetBSD.


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