For Bay Area Visitors...

Al Kossow aek at
Mon Aug 20 19:19:40 CDT 2007

 > "Most of these guys don't want to sell their stuff on eBay,"
 > said Mark Bohrer, an engineer who's worked at several area tech companies.
 > "They think eBay's a rip-off."

sure.. majority of stuff there wouldn't move on eBay. The stuff that will
is over there. 1/3 of the stalls are generic flea-market stuff. This
flea, like all the others, has been castrated by eBay. It's mostly just a
social event now.

 > But for most who have been coming to Cupertino for years,
 > it's unimaginable that the flea market could disappear.

The REAL old-timers still call it Foothill,
which is in Los Altos Hills, not Cupertino.
It has only been on the DeAnza campus for a
couple of years.

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