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Dave McGuire mcguire at
Wed Aug 22 20:04:24 CDT 2007

On Aug 22, 2007, at 6:01 PM, Tony Duell wrote:
> I've just bought the base unit (VS240) for a VT240 terminal on E- 
> bay and
> know little about it (OK, I know it's a DEC graphics terminal).  
> Perhaps
> somebody can enlightent me

   The VT240 is a nice terminal.  Good score!

> 1) One site i looked at said a VT240 is a monochrome unit, a VT241  
> is the
> colour version. Is the only difference the monitor? Can I use a colour
> monitor with my base unit?

   Yes, the only difference is the monitor.

> 2) On the back are obvious connectors for an RS232 port (DB25),  
> current
> loop (8 pin mate-n-lock). There's a DE9 labelled 'PR', presumably a
> printer port, also RS232. A RJ11 keyboard socket, I assume an LK201  
> will
> work here (yes?).

   Yes, LK201.  I've also used LK401s.

> A BNC which seems ot be composite mono video. And a
> DA15 plug, also for a monitor. I assume a VR201 links here, or a V241
> with the right cable.


> Also, can I connect the keybaord to, say, the back
> of the VR201, or do I have to use the RJ11 on the terminal itself?

   I don't recall if that works or's easy enough to try,  

> On this board, there's an 8085, 2681 (dual serial chip), 8251 (USART,
> maybe used for the keybaord interface), 7220 (graphics chip) --  
> along with
> what seemms to be much the same circuitry as a Rainbow colour card,  
> there
> are a couple of PALs, I've not checked to see if they're the same  
> as the
> ones in the 'bow. Pletny of RAM and ROM, and some glue logic. And  
> another
> 40 pin chip, DC310. For some reason this is saying 'processor' to  
> me. Is
> it?

   DC310 is the part number for the T11, isn't it?


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