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Blasphemy! 100 pound monitors are part of the Silicon Gr...

Yeah, I know, I preached that sermon for years as I watched others
carry theirs to the curb.  Then I moved half a dozen of them upstairs
and my back said "no more."   I still won't let them get trashed,
though.  Mine went to a younger, more zealous collector :)

I do appreciate the CRT's image quality on those machines, and the
cats always made use of their ample seating area and radiant heat, but
these are the trades we make to save space (and collect more gear.)

On 8/23/07, Mr Ian Primus <ian_primus at yahoo.com> wrote:
>  I'm going to take my chances adapting my
> > old gear to LCD
> > panels, or just do without (or serial) until there's
> > a workable
> > solution.
> Blasphemy! 100 pound monitors are part of the Silicon
> Graphics experience! <grin> Not to mention the picture
> quality of those monitors is far better than I've seen
> on LCD's. But, then again, it all boils down to
> personal preference. We don't need to go starting that
> "LCD vs CRT" thing again.
> >
> > Doesn't do the OP much good out here in Chicago, but
> > I've got a Sun
> > GDM20 to give away if anyone needs it.
> Yeah, I'm near Albany... Sure there's someone that
> needs one though.
> -Ian

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