*workstation* monitors

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Thu Aug 23 22:52:18 CDT 2007

Jason T wrote:
> - Original message -
> Blasphemy! 100 pound monitors are part of the Silicon Gr...
> Yeah, I know, I preached that sermon for years as I watched others
> carry theirs to the curb.  Then I moved half a dozen of them upstairs
> and my back said "no more."   I still won't let them get trashed,
> though.  Mine went to a younger, more zealous collector :)
> I do appreciate the CRT's image quality on those machines, and the
> cats always made use of their ample seating area and radiant heat, but
> these are the trades we make to save space (and collect more gear.)
You mean the CATs let you move them out of the house. :)
Ben alias Woodelf

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