Building my own classic style computer update

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Tue Aug 28 08:14:18 CDT 2007

>Subject: Re: Building my own classic style computer update
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>On 23 Aug 2007 at 17:20, Mr Ian Primus wrote:
>> > Zilog Z8442BPS
>> Serial I/O controller
>> > Zilog Z8430BPS
>> Counter timer circuit
>It's been a long time--but didn't the "vintage" chips have legends 
>such as "Z80-SIO" and "Z80-CTC" as well as "Z80-CPU"?  I liked that 
>convention--didn't leave much to the "I wonder what the heck this 
>chip does" mindset.

Varied from time to time.  Early on that was the case, as ZILOG moved 
into a greater variety of parts and then CMOS they needed to have part 
numbers that wer more unique so the Z80-SIO became 844x (X=1,2,3,4 for 
bond options) and later 84C4x for the cmos versions.


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