newbie building a scratch-built computer (re: logic probe)

Ensor classiccmp at
Tue Aug 28 18:28:38 CDT 2007


  >> If the OP is in the UK, then Maplins do a nice one for £15 (which
  >>is less than I paid for mine back in 1980).

  > Radio Shack used to offer one for a reasonable price, but no

Funny you should mention that....mine is actually the "Micronta" probe which 
Tandy used to sell! Cost me about £30 at the time, and that was in one of 
Tandy's sales (ISTR list price was some £50).

Still working perfectly, as is the analogue multi-meter I bought around the 
same time.

BTW Tandy, in this country at least, turned "sales" into an art 
form....Christmas sale, spring sale, Easter sale, summer sale, autumn sale, 
the manager's blowing his nose sale.... :-)

  TTFN - Pete.

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