cctalk Digest, Vol 51, Issue 95

Mike Hatch mike at
Sat Dec 1 07:50:12 CST 2007

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> From: Philip Pemberton <classiccmp at>
> Actually, I've been working on a similar thing...
> The software is called ISIS,

Ok a lot further advanced than I had envisaged. I had seen it for vintage
computers and components but since posting the website and seen a few
replies about the individual cataloging what they had, it seemed the
initial catalog work was the p.i.t.a.

My intention was to post pages of who had what with a search facility, and
let them contact each other.

> Message: 16
> From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk at>
> Actually, how well would a freecycle-type list for work?
> For some reason the casual offered/wanted model tends to suit me a lot
> better than itemising everything I have and deciding which bits I
> definitely know I don't need now and won't ever need (somehow, I'm a lot
> better at getting rid of stuff when I know in advance I have a taker for
> it)

It was getting rid of some household bits that gave me the idea and its
possible this would be better served by a listing in Freecycle. My problem
with that is that Freecycle seems to be a fast turnover system with "I
have this" or "I want that". In the vintage computer / component area I
though this challenge response system might be too restrictive (possibly).
Although some work to set up initially, I thought a central repository of
parts where you could search for bits when needed and then email the owner
might work better.

Those individual "Fred" & "Mike" pages could be set up for Fred to upload
his own data as a text file used to generate the "Fred" page with a bit of
coding, that way each member of the system could change it as and when
they had time.

More comments / suggestions ?.

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