Commodore 64 PSUs

Jim Brain brain at
Mon Dec 3 00:50:50 CST 2007

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>> I was thinking of a potted wall-wart model that had the old-style 
>> electric-shaver 2 prong connector.
> Wasn't that for the 16? I missed the original message.
I thought my 16 has a COAX power connector, but I can't check at 
present, so maybe it uses the same conenctor.  I know the 116 uses the 
COAX connector.

I do own some old VIC-20s with a 2 prong connector that looks similar to 

It delivered 9VAC (or so) to the VIC, which internally created the 5VDC, 
as seen in the Rev E board schematic (page 3)


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