got this old peecee...

Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Thu Dec 6 00:52:16 CST 2007

And a few things I've noticed about it are:

-- It says "digital" (lowercase like that) on the front.  :-)

-- it has a third power supply connector to the MB,  and that PS is rated to 
ptu 33A (!) out on the +5

-- It has the CPU on a separate small daughterboard.  A jumper there seems to 
select speeds,  up to maybe 100 or so.  I have a 486dx2/66 chip in it at 
present,  which will run real flaky at 80,  and not at all at 100.  :-)

-- It has a _very_ loud beep when you power it up.

-- It wants only _parity_ ram -- there's no option in CMOS to disable that.  I 
have a couple of 16s and a couple of 4s in there at present,  all the parity 
parts I was able to scrounge.  Anybody have some they might wanna trade?

-- Slots are ISA only,  but they're _all_ 16-bit.

-- This thing's built like a tank!

I'd originally planned to put OS/2 in this box.  Now I'm lots less enthused 
about that OS than I was at one time,  so I dunno what I'm gonna do with it.  
Thoughts on this?

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