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> From: jhfinedp3k at compsys.to> > >Chuck Guzis wrote:> > >Would I be more-or-less correct if I assumed that the bulk of hard-> >sectored diskettes in use fell into two groups: 16-sector 5.25" and > >32-sector 8"? I know that there are other physical formats, but I'm > >wondering if that would have 90% coverage?> >> Jerome Fine replies:> > For 5.25" diskettes, if you mean currently still in use,> then you are probably correct regarding 90% use of HD 5.25"> diskettes. But initially the use of 180K and 360K 5.25"> diskettes was probably 90% - did they use 9 sectors?> > And as Tony stated, don't forget the RX50 5.25" diskettes> which used 10 sectors - if I remember correctly.> > I suggest that what you really should do is to state the> percentage sales of DD (which cold be used both SS and DS)> versus HD (which were almost always used DS) diskettes for> any given year along with how many units were sold.> > And then you might also want to look at the actual number> of floppy drives that were sold which are able to use a> given number of sectors.> 
 There is nothing in the drive that is specific to the number
of sectors.
 The following were 10 sector disk:
Polymorphic 8813  Used both single and double density disk
H8/89 H17 controller used single density
NorthStar single density ( double?? don't think so )
 These are all 5.25inch. As far as I know, 10 sectored was
the most common. I don't know of any that used 16 sectored
and never heard of 9 sectored.
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