"Requiem for the Mainframe" on CBC-Radio, 4 PM Saturday

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sat Dec 15 21:54:34 CST 2007

>>> I must say I seem to hear more frequent mention of vintage/old computers
in popular culture or the mass media lately, at least relative to a few
years ago. I heard Commodore 64's mentioned offhand on some show just a
couple of days ago. Retro-technology may be having a bit of a heyday.

Some factors: a bunch of major system anniveraries; the dot-com boom
creating nerds with disposable income; we young'ns for the 70s/80s coming of
age; trends in recycling; etc.  Several of us -- me, Jay, Sellam, Erik K.,
Al, etc. -- keep finding ourselves contacted by media who seek quotes about
"What is all this; who are you people?" ... Which is a good thing.

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