Small SBC kits for Christmas!

Allison ajp166 at
Sat Dec 15 09:07:34 CST 2007

>Subject: Small SBC kits for Christmas!
>   From: "Matt Lichtenberg" <kerobaros at>
>   Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2007 08:21:28 -0600
>     To: cctalk at
>So, every year I like to get myself a little something; this year, I'm
>probably going to be getting a new computer (outside the realms of
>this list), but I'd also like to get some kind of single-board kit
>that I can work on.
>I'd like something along the lines of a ZX-81 kit, although it looks
>like those are selling for somewhere around $250, when you can find
>one. SpareTimeGizmos' Elf 2000 kit also looks fantastic, but I don't
>have an 1802 or an 1861 to use in the thing, and I'd rather not hunt
>any down. (If anyone wants to get rid of theirs, though, let me know.

The Elf200 is excellent and there is a yahoo group for it as well.
Finding 1802s is generally easy.  the 1861 is a different can of worms 
but Bob solved that with a tiny board that emulates it. See the Spare 
Time Gizmos site for details.  No you can't have mine!

>Has anyone seen any similar kits out there? They don't have to be
>useful for anything, just fun to play with, and not horribly difficult
>to put together. I can solder fairly well, and I'm mean with a
>multimeter, but I don't have the money for my own oscilloscope; I just
>use other peoples' when they're not looking. Thanks, folks!

If you hunt around the net there are SBC of all sorts.  



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