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Andrew Lynch andrew-lynch at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 15 12:33:36 CST 2007

Would I be more-or-less correct if I assumed that the bulk of hard-
sectored diskettes in use fell into two groups:  16-sector 5.25" and 
32-sector 8"? I know that there are other physical formats, but I'm 
wondering if that would have 90% coverage?




If I were to pick two of the most common, I would pick 10 sector 5.25" hard
sector floppy disks and the 32 sector 8" hard sector floppy disks.  There is
a less common 16 sector 5.25" hard sector floppy disk as well used on Vector
Graphic, AES, Exidy Sorceror, and a few other exotic platforms.

Of course, none of the hard sector media are exactly common...

[drifting slightly off thread but in a related manner]

BTW, I did get Catweasel Vector Graphic working.  I am in testing now and
will be changing the output format to support the simulator work underway
presently.  Nothing major; just time consuming and the usual stuff.  

My Catweasel programs seem to work fine but are not really designed for easy
modification.  Quick hacks rarely are.  It turns out to be major oversight
though; there are even more diverse and incompatible disk formats for VG
than for NorthStar or Heath which is really saying something.  

The frakkin' hard sector disk formats are just crazy in the ways things vary
from one vendor to the next and even within different OS's from the same
vendor.  "No rules for hard sector disks" is a profound understatement!


Andrew Lynch

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