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> On 16 Dec 2007 at 9:06 dwight elvey 
>> These are all 5.25inch. As far as I know, 10 sectored was
>> the most common. I don't know of any that used 16 sectored
>> and never heard of 9 sectored.
> The Vector Graphic systems all used 16-sector media and I've seen a
> few others systems as well.
> So, I'd be safe by generalizing that 8" 32-sector and 5.25" 10- and
> 16-sector covers just about all of the hard-sector media in common
> use? Does anyone know of any other "common" 8" hard-sector media?
> Thanks,
> Chuck

Hi Chuck
 Other than the 32, I did once see one with holes around
the outside of the disk. I have no idea how many sectors it was.
My Nicolet uses the 32 hard sectored but actually writes
two sectors of 16 holes each. It has a counter in the controller
to keep track.
 So it is possible that other controllers use multiple sector
holes for each data sector.

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