Yet another VT-100 emulator

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Tue Dec 18 12:59:08 CST 2007

> From: "Dave Dunfield" <dave06a at>

> As far as I know there are no **STANDARD** PC text video modes that give
> 132 columns.

What was *standard* for the time of these cards?  Herc graphics 
certainly weren't "standard" when they came out.  I've not checked, 
but I have a couple of Everex MicroEnhancer EGA boards with a 
boatload of additional modes--and one of those might well be a 132-
character one. (If anyone is really curious, I can check).

> Yes, at 720 dots, you can do a 5 point wide font for 132 columns on a
> Herc., but I don't have Hercules (or any MDA) cards in any of the system
> that I actually use on a regular basis (POLL: How many here are using Herc
> cards in systems they would want to use as a VT100) - I'm also not sure I
> could achieve all of the attributes (Can you blink graphics on a Herc? - I
> suppose you could do it in software, but the only MDA machines I have here
> are XT class which would make for "interesting effects" :-) I think I also
> mentioned that I wasn't quite ready to do a bitmapped version of the
> terminal yet. I agree that it would be nice to do eventually, as I could
> support double-width/height characters as well...

Ever worked with a Hercules Graphics Plus?  It can blink, as well as 
support 12-bit character width and software fonts--all in text mode.  
There was a also mode setting to use 8-dot wide, rather than 9-dot 
wide characters.  Double-width was certainly possible in test mode.  
Perhaps a scheme to use the extended character set to display 132 
characters could be worked out, but I hated the 132 character display 
on most terminals, even the 14-inch ones as being too grainy and hard 
to read for my weak eyes.  


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