Washing Machine Drives [was: Homebrew Drum Computer (magnetic heads)]

Robert Nansel bnansel at bigpond.net.au
Tue Dec 18 20:25:20 CST 2007

Thank you very kindly for the offer.  I'd be glad to study whatever  
materials you have, and I'd pay for the postage; if I can't use them  
I would send them back.  Maybe ought to wait until I get some of the  
logic up and running first, though.

So far, however, I'm having zero luck finding washing machine  
platters or spindles.  There are a couple Data General drives on  
ebay, but I sure can't afford to ship those to Australia!

What I need is something like the drive unit from a Data Disc F- 
series hard drive.  IIRC, they had 12" platters, which would be  
perfect for my machine (plus bitsavers has got the schematics!).  I  
wouldn't turn down 14-inchers, mind you; the smaller size would fit  
in my car easier.

Twenty-five years ago I remember being annoyed that I had to trip  
over gear like that to get to the *good* stuff at United Products in  
Seattle.  Ah, well, I was a poor university student at the time, and  
even if I had bought one and hung on to it, my wife would surely have  
had me committed if I had even proposed dragging such a thing to  


On Fri Dec 14 2007 Chuck Guzis wrote:

> ...
> About the only item of the correct size and tolerances that's readily
> available today, it seems to me, would be the drum unit out of a
> laser printer or copier.  I don't know if the OPC layer could be
> easily stripped off and replaced with oxide, but it might be worth a
> try.
> If you're really serious abou this, I'd be willing to donate a head
> from a CDC 808 disk unit--4 bit parallel recording.
> Cheers,
> Chuck

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