Recovering my Poly disk

dwight elvey dkelvey at
Wed Dec 26 14:30:05 CST 2007

> From: dkelvey at
> I do have a question. The board has a delay line to
> create the early and late signals for writing the bits.
> There are no numbers on it. Does anyone know the
> values used for early and late on double density 8 inch
> and on double density 5.25?

 I was just looking at the specs for the I82077. They list
the compoensation values, as recommended, of 125ns
for both 500 kbs and 250 kbs. I would guess that means
I could use the same delay line for both.
 I don't expect I'll need it anyway since I'm primarily
reading disk. It would be nice to both read and write
once I've completed the project though.

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