Recovering my Poly disk

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Wed Dec 26 22:28:59 CST 2007

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>> From: dkelvey at
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>> Just in case, is there someone in the SF bay area with
>> a SA851 that I might barrow. I'm not ready for it but
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> Hi
> I should note that a SA850 would be OK as well. I don't
> need the data/clock separator and I've already built
> a index/sector splitter for the 5.25 disk.
> Dwight

 I shouldn't need the disk drive. I just dug through my
storage locker and found a REMEX 4820 drive.
 It is intended to be a slave to a smart drive. Many of
the signals are inverted but I can always add some
inverters to the board I made for the index/sector
separator baord.
 I found docs on Al Kossow's web site. Thanks Al.

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