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Sun Dec 30 00:56:43 CST 2007

> From: rtellason at
> On Saturday 29 December 2007 18:50, Scott Quinn wrote:
>> I was dismantling some old stuff that I got as a lot and came across
>> this beastie.
>> It's a National Semiconductor Microcomputer Systems BLC 80/10.
>> Clone of an Intel iSBC 80/10.
>> Single board 8080A computer with sockets for PROMs and 1K of RAM
>> onboard, several parallel ports, one serial port, and Multibus
>> interface for expansion. As used in this case, it was standalone with
>> only the power pins on the Multibus connected (and the I/O at the top).
>> As the only Multibus backplane I have is an IRIS 3000 series
>> (double-deep), it's available.

 I think there may be something on Al's site. Even so, the
80/10's were not too complicated.

 One doesn't need to connect it to a multibus. It is intended to
work as a stand alone SBC if one so desires.
 It has RAM/ROM and serial. As I recall, there was some
parallel ports as well.

 If one wanted to do more with it, one could find a multibus back plane
and add some memory or such

> Is there much of this stuff out there?

 They're not real common but there are quite a few out there.
I've got at least two or three 80/10's in my basement someplace.
Most are missing parts but who knows, maybe I'll do something
with them. Intel made a series of these, 80/10, 80/20 and 80/30.
These all had different RAM sizes and supported newer and larger
EPROMs. I think that 80/30 was the last in the series because
they came out with a 8086 board about then.

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