Cromemco Unix?

Jim Battle frustum at
Thu Feb 1 18:18:25 CST 2007

M H Stein wrote:
> AFAIK Cromix came in 3 versions with numerous revisions:
> 11 series is for the Z80; AFAIK latest revision was 11.27 
> 20 series is for the 68000 (slooow, use 30 if possible)
> 30 series (later changed to 1xx, i.e. 153=30.53) is for 68010 and higher, although
> at least the early versions will also run on the 68000.
> Note that with some exceptions and depending on the hardware,
> 20 and 30 series will still run Z80 programs.

I just tried searching on Cromix -- I knew that Cromemco had whatever 
flavor of unix running on their 68K machines, but I didn't know there 
was a Z80 version.  Do you know of any manuals online that describe its 
capabilities?  It boggles my mind to think that they got unix running on 
a Z80.

I know of a few hobbyist attempts that have tried to do similar things, 
but I'm sure if Cromemco sold it, their version must have actually been 
usable, not just a toy.

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