OS/2 stillborn, was Re: TRS-80 Model 1, etc

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Fri Feb 2 10:58:34 CST 2007

On 2 Feb 2007 at 11:16, Dave McGuire wrote:

>    Oh nonono.  I'm sorry to have to correct you here Warren, but  
> nothing could be further from the truth.  First, OS/2 was written by  
> Microsoft and sold to IBM. 

At one time, at least as far as the world outside of Microsoft was 
concerned, Microsoft was a big booster of OS/2.  From "The OS/2 
Notebook" (Microsoft Press, 1990):

Gates: "OS/2 is our top priority"

Many developers (myself included) , partially on the basis of Gates' 
and Cannavino's statements, plunked down very hefty chunks of cash as 
pre-subscription to the OS/2 2.0 Development kits being promised by 
Microsoft.   When MS annouced that they would not be pursuing OS/2 
2.0 and shipped pre-releases of NT instead, there were threats of 
lawsuits unless a full refund was promptly paid.   

Believe me, the quality of developer's documentation for NT was 
substantially below that of OS/2, although the first NT code (at 
least the kernel stuff) was very nicely written and commented.  My 
reaction on seeing the NT floppy driver for the first time was "How 
can they make something so simple look so complicated?"

> OS/2 was FAR from stillborn...it was in  use in damn near every bank
> office in the country for a very long  time, with probably half of
> those installations likely still in  place...I know the two banks I go
> to regularly still run it on at  least one desktop.  OS/2 is an
> extremely widely deployed operating  system...you just can't buy it in
> Best Buy, so people think it's  dead...or never lived in the first
> place.  It was only discontinued  1.5 years ago. 

Many people would be surprised to find that it was widely deployed in 
ATMs.  Better OS/2 than Windows, I suppose.

Where can one find a copy of the last OS/2 release?  I'd  like a copy 
for my archives.


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