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On Friday 02 February 2007 14:15, William Donzelli wrote:
> > No, it was a 7070, "IBM seven oh seventy", and it used hundreds if not
> > thousands of 12au7s or 12ax7s don't remember which it was.  And it was
> > definitely NOT solid state.
> I do not know if IBM made a 707, but I would bet that would be it.

I was an IBM Field Engineer on the IBM 7090 and checked out a 7070 while at 
IBM Poughkeepsie in 1962. It was all transistor, as was the 7090.

Last big IBM tube machines were the IBM 704 and 709.

> The 7070s were made from solid state modules, probably using the SMS
> packaging system.

Here's three IBM archive pictures/statments on the IBM 7070:
(announcement September,1958)
(all transistor)
(see 1960/61)

> > Maybe IBM used some numbers over?  But I am absolutely sure of the number
> > because we called it by that name when referring to it.

The IBM 77 was a colator, no 707 was produced.

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