LEAR SIEGLER ADM-5's on Goveliquidation.com

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Fri Feb 2 23:21:39 CST 2007

In article <008101c7473f$ec2a5ee0$6700a8c0 at HPLAPTOP>,
    "Jay West" <jwest at classiccmp.org>  writes:

> Richard wrote....
> >> 5 units at govliq:
> >>
> >> http://cgi.govliquidation.com/auction/view?id=1112993&convertTo=USD
> >
> > Looks nice!  If anyone buys this lot, I'll take that funky keyboard
> > off your hands :-).
> the ADM-5's in that auction look to have almost the worst case of screen rot 
> I have ever seen.

Are you sure it was screen rot?  It looked like dirt and grime to me
but I didn't look too closely.
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