The IBM Tree and Tube computers

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> I can say, it was USAF Special Weapons but cant say further.  It wasn't
> mentioned in a magazine, it was in a book but the program was not revealed,
> just that the computer was used and that it was Cold War espionage.  I knew
> what it was about because I had information not in the article.  No one else
> would have known unless they were part of the project.  I assume its been
> declassified but I have never seen anything about it in print or on the news
> so maybe it hasn't been.  Personally I prefer Corpus Christi, Texas to
> Leavenworth, Kansas...especially at this time of the year.

Hasn't all the good stuff been declassified by now? I know that the codes
for launching the Bad Stuff in the cold war were never set by anyone so the
launch code for a nuke was 0000 if punched into the right device; this info
is live and direct from the web so it MUST be true :)

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