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>  > As strange as it seems, I think we lost a lot of personal
>  > correspondence when hard disks became the rule on PC systems.
> This is a huge issue amongst archivists.
> "Personal papers" aren't on paper any more, if they exist
> at all they are directories full of email.

People look at me dumbfounded when I tell them that I use a unix shell
account for all my email and news postings (and if you've been on this
list for the past year or two, you know I send a lot of mail).  The
answer is simple: the unix machine is continuously backed up and it
easily integrates my news/email together into one archive.  I have
kept a copy of every post/email since 1998 and its been very useful on
many occasions to refer to previously sent mail -- particularly when
someone contends that I typed something other than I did.  I also know
that I can gain access to my email from anywhere with a simple telnet
client, even when I don't have my laptop accessible to me.
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