Preservation of correspondence

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> Curt @ Atari Museum wrote:
> > backups (which I've seen several CD's that I created around 97-98 which
> > are now having problems reading certain sections) and Tape backups of
> > today I wonder if they are truly as high grade as say the old TU78s of
> That's why you routinely transfer from old medium to new medium every
> 5-10 years.
> Just last night I dumped 7 CDROMs to .ISO images and stored all of them
> onto a single DVD-ROM; then made a 2nd copy and stored that somewhere
> else.  In five to ten years, I'll transfer the DVD-ROM onto some new
> -- 

I do the same thing but also keep the original media. I dumped a few hundred
Colorado 120MB tapes to a bunch of cdroms years ago, and will dump those
cdrom to dvdr soon. The data on the CDs is in directories referencing the
tape number so I can go back and dump the tape again if the cd gets lost or
damaged. The problem with putting floppy images on a DVD is that if you lose
or destroy that DVD you lose a ton of data (and the time involved archiving

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