Egg TV adverts - old computer spotted

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Mon Feb 5 17:01:36 CST 2007

 --- Ade Vickers <javickers at> w
> Right at the end of the latest Egg Money advert, i
> that a TRS Model 3 or
> Model 4?
> This link should be viewable for a while:
> Also, a previous ad has featured a CBM PET shaped
> "mockuter" (mock
> computer), with the tape deck replaced with an
> oversized trackball:
> Cheers,
> Ade.

hehe, I saw the first advert only the other
day and wondered what it was. Unfortunately
the writing was too blurred by the disk drives :(

I recall the PET one too. That was showing
around the time of The IT Crowd (UK, Channel 4) on t
errestrial TV. I spotted what looked to
be a real PET in the corner by the entrance
in that.
That was funny, and even more funnier for
computer enthusiasts (I assume we don't call
ourselfs computers geeks/nerds? *ducks*).

Andrew D. Burton
aliensrcooluk at

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