Egg TV adverts - old computer spotted

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Feb 5 17:05:04 CST 2007

> On 5/2/07 13:11, "Ade Vickers" <javickers at> wrote:
> > Right at the end of the latest Egg Money advert, is that a TRS Model 3 or
> > Model 4?
> > 
> It's a dual-drive 3, the M4 is white isn't it?

Yes. Unless you upgraded an M3 to an M4 (this was actually offered by 
Radio Shack at one point). That was a CPU board and keyboard replacement, 
but you kept the old CRT + driver board, drives, disk controller, PSUs, 
RS232 board and case. So it was possible to end up with a grey-cased 
machine that was functiuonally an M4.


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