Copying a Mac Disk with a Single Drive

Jim Leonard trixter at
Mon Feb 5 22:49:55 CST 2007

Marvin Johnston wrote:
> I have a Mac 128 and I want to duplicate the system disk. Probably a stupid
> question, but how do you make a copy of a disk on that computer (single internal
> disk drive.) Needless to say, I am not a Mac person. Thanks!

Just copy it as you normally would:  Format a 2nd disk, then copy one 
disk onto the other (if memory serves, it's been a long long time).

The one thing I do know for sure is that you will swap disks no less 
than 20 times making the copy.  After Finder is loaded, there's about 
40K free on a 128K system.  That's 10 operations of "read chunk"->"write 
chunk" right there.  So be patient; the machine is not intentionally 
torturing you.
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