Preservation of correspondence

arcarlini at arcarlini at
Tue Feb 6 10:51:24 CST 2007

Jules Richardson wrote:
> All of which raises interesting questions for preservation; we know
> that the average person makes no backups - but even if they do,
> they're likely to be on CD these days, which raises interesting
> questions as to how much will have survived 20 years down the line. I
> don't believe that the level of recoverable data will be as high in
> 20 years as it is now for 20 year old floppies... 

That depends on how you measure it. If you measure that the percentage
of all data created that survives to the 20-year mark, you may be right.
If you mean the absolute amount of data that survives to the 20-year
mark then you are wrong - I'm sure at least _one_ of my DVDs will make 
it that far, so that beats all floppy data in existence into a cocked


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