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Tue Feb 6 11:14:26 CST 2007

> I really need to find the time to write a Linux util to suck tar data
> off DLT and checksum file-by-file to test backups; currently I
> restore the whole archive and then use find/cksum/diff to check
> against source data, but it's annoying needing that extra disk
> capacity just for the sake of backup testing.

I wrote my own version of tar, which among other things has a mode in
which it reads a tape as if to restore, but, instead of restoring, it
compares what it finds on the tape with what it finds in the

It may well turn out to be not what you want, but it might be worth at
least a look-in.  If it seems close but not quite there, I'll be happy
to correspond about it (though in your case it might be a bit, um,
interesting, since it appears you use both Yahoo for your email and are
in the UK). for them as wants.
There's also alongside it, though that may be a bit outdated.

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