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> I remember CD caddies :)
> I recall back at secondary school in my first
> year there (year 7 for UK'ers), in 1990/1, that
> the new computer in the library used CD's
> which were in see through plastic.
> Essentially the "CD" of the time was like
> floppy discs - the writable media (medium?)
> was encased in protective plastic shell.

Sounds like the Philips 1x speed CD that was used by DEC as the RRD40. It
took standard CD-ROMs but they were inserted in a plastic shell because the
drive had no tray or any other means of supporting the CD.

My own RRD40 caddies are 250 miles away but I've got a drive at work :)

In the meanwhile, look towards the bottom of this page:

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