Removing labels (alternate methods?)

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Subject: Removing labels (alternate methods?)

> I hate to re-open a common thread, but I've tried both Goo-Gone and a
> hair drier to remove old labels from diskettes, and it hasn't gone well:
> Hair drier: I have to heat the disk so much that I warp the jacket if
> I'm not careful.  Way too much work (5+ minutes of low heat) per disk.
> Goo-Gone: doesn't appear to penetrate the paper of the label!  I mean,
> it does, but I have to apply it twice (both times with my finger,
> otherwise the cloth soaks up too much)... and only then does it
> marginally work.  But worse, what's left over is some petroleum-ish film
> that I can't remove, even with soap and water.  Check the following photo:
> So I wonder how well a new label will stick with that film on it...
> So, are there any other alternatives?  Or am I incredibly inept and
> missing a step or botching a procedure?
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I would think there are 3 ways to remove a solvent:

1. heat it up so that it will peal off
2. soak it with a like solvent to float it off
3. super cool it so that the glue will no longer hold

Have any liquid nitrogen handy? :)

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