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> arcarlini at wrote:
> > I did come across an article which was _slightly_ more technical
> > than the others I've seen. It boiled down to "DVD+R is better
> > because the way it tracks the data stream and the error correction
> > were both improved" (or something like that). Naturally I now canot
> > find any trace of it. (Not that it went into sufficient depth,
> > it just scratched the surface a little deeper than the other
> > articles I've seen).
> And yet, DVD-R has traditionally been recognized as more compatible with
> set-top devices.  So go figure :-)
> However, the basic substrate tech is the same between DVD and CD so my
> comment about more error correction is still valid.
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My cheapo 1999 vintage dvd player likes dvd+r and not dvd-r (wont recognize
those). It also likes to play cdrs full of mp3's.

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