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Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at
Wed Feb 7 00:37:47 CST 2007

> It does play MP3s, but I don't think it knows about variable bit-rate
> files, and it's pretty stupid when interpreting the ISO-9660
> filesystem - I am pretty sure that everything has to be in the root
> dir, and it only displays filenames as 8.3, _and_ it does char
> substitution on the menu so that spaces become "X"s, etc.  Kinda hard
> to navigate, but you can just drop a CD-R (not DVD-R) full of MP3
> files into it and press 'play'.
> Later Apex players have better filesystem navigators and can even play
> "naked" video files (just a plain MPG file in a plain filesystem, not
> run through an authoring tool).

    The "OFFA" firmware allowed it to play vbr MP3, naked video files et al. 
I'd tell you to grab it imediately :o)

    Ah, I also have one of these :o)


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