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> > I thought CD's were invented in 1982?
> > I remember it easily as thats the year my
> > younger brother was born.
> I am still waiting for my CD's from UK/Europe.
> All the ones I want are out of print.
> > Or was that the year they first came to the
> > UK/Europe??
> I am still recovering from the Beatles invasion fr
> this side of the pond. Do you still have a wide
> selection
> of music CD's or have they like the USA only the N
> fad music in stock?

Depends where you go.

I buy all my CD's from HMV (His Masters Voice
for those who don't know what it stands for)
or from online (usually Amazon).
HMV is often pricey, whereas smaller backstreet
shops have them cheaper. HMV has a huge
range of choice here in Cambridge, UK, but
I can't say what the choice is like in erm...
less popular cities!
HMV sells, as the name suggests, mainly music
so they have to have a wide variety.

I must admit I am fed up of all the covers/
remixs of old songs that keep being done by
new (younger) artists. Girls Aloud (although
beautiful) are a prime example - they won
a UK talent search thing like American Idol
and pretty much 95% of there stuff (certainly
all there singles that are released) are covers
of older music. Their latest release (for
charity (Red Nose day)) is a cover of Run DMC's
"Walk This Way".
Of course, you need to be old enough to
remember the originals though :)

Anyway, going well OT....

Andrew D. Burton
aliensrcooluk at

PS. I am looking to buy a laptop off eBay
, for reasons I won't explain as it will take
too long. Does anyone have any recommendations
of makes/models I should look for, or avoid?
Replies direct to me please (or Jay will shoot
me!) :)

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