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Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Wed Feb 7 18:03:39 CST 2007

> As for old rock'n'roll, rockabilly etc. loads of it is being released
> on cd at the moment, a chap called Mark Lamarr plays a lot on his
> BBC radio show* every week, but I do admit even he has to resort to
> 45s at times!  Obscure soul tracks are also very popular atm with
> new re-releases every week...feeding the revived (British) Northern
> Soul scene.
> Most of these seem to be on UK or European labels though.

Over this past summer we were listening to a radio station that mostly
played 60's and 70's rock.  Once an hour for some contest they were playing
a 45.  It was great, as I heard some stuff I'd never heard before, and some
I'd not heard in years.  I'm not sure if the station is still on the air,
when they quit playing the 45's we quit listening, as they only played a
handful of songs.  How is it that a station that covers about 20 years, only
plays about 4-8 hours of music!  I'm sick of the radio and how few songs
they actually play.

> Still got 2 turntables.  (Neither have 78, alas, and one only does 
> 33rpm!)


#1 16/33/45/78
#2 33/45
#3 33/45 <- Rega P3 :^)
#4 33/45/78

Of course I'm only using #3 for 33's and #4 for 78's.

BTW, I don't think I even want to admit how many Laserdisc players I've got
(including to myself).  Need to take the time, transfer a few discs to DVD,
and see about getting rid of some spare players to free up room.

> Just to upset people: we used to use 78s for target practice, shellac
> ones shattered nicely, vinyl ones just gave you a boring hole... :-)

Grrr!  I hope you only used common 78's!


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