Very old Cdrom mastering

jim jwstephens at
Wed Feb 7 20:55:30 CST 2007

There is a Young Minds unit on Ebay right now, which was
similar to the first unit I saw at sunsoft in about 1995 or so.

This unit would have been from 13,000 to 50,000, depending
on when you got hold of it.

There was a kodak writer unit attached to this to do the

This particular unit seems to have a wide scsi under the
connector marked "writer" so would most likely not be
the same one as the one I encountered.

Sunsoft could master the data and drive this unit via
the SCSI port, and this in turn would write the cd.

Overall the process took probably over 3 hours, but
produced a cd which at the time was something that
was pretty new, at least to me.

I think there is was a Kodak unit recently, but I cannot
find it now. they were packaged in a unit almost as big
as this converted desktop.



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