Humpty Dumpty

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Wed Feb 7 23:32:11 CST 2007

> Start by pulling off the CRT anode, just slip your finger under the suction
> cup and pull, and it should come off.

You should not need to put your finger under the cup to pull it off (a
little suprise might be under there anyway). Most HV anode connections
on CRTs can be removed by squeezing the outside of the cup, while
giving it a bit of a lifting twist, if that makes sense. Once it comes
loose, it can be moved over and touched to something to ground it. I
have never been shocked doing it this way, although a couple of times
I did get a good spark. A very clean CRT can hold a charge for well
over a day.

I have been bitten other ways with CRT high voltage, and while not fun
experience, the pain is temporary. I am still alive. In fact, I have
never actually heard of anyone dying from a CRT zap. The worst case
generally involves the muscle spasm that whacks knuckles against the
undersides of PC boards. Now THAT hurts.


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