Humpty Dumpty

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Hi Richard
Find out if MEK will disolve the plastic.If so, you should be able to use
that to do a reasonable job. You may have to file or scrape some
material of. You have to remember that when these thing break,
the relieve some stresses in the plastic and the parts will not perfectly
fit together in exact alignment.
As for the CRT thing, some of the suggestions were intended to
give you a zap if it held a charge. I recommend taking a small screw
driver and attach a wire to the frame that is in contact with the
back side of the tube ( the grayed area ). With the screw driver,
slide it around the rubber to make sure it isn't stuck to the tube
and it will help to dicharge most of the charge on the tube.
As was mentoioned, squeezing the rubber and pushing to the
side will usually release the catch.
If that doesn't work, use some long nose pliers ( ground wired ).
Place the pliers such that it is aligned with the cord and slip it under
the rubber cup. squeeze the two metal wires gound into the
hole on the tube and wiggle.

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>Any ideas on how I would go about putting this humpty dumpty back
>together again?
>Its a Visual 500 terminal, and its significant because
>     a) in two years of monitoring ebay I haven't seen any other
>     Visual Technology terminals offered
>     b) it has graphics capability (Tektronix 4010 emulation)
>This thing was so poorly packed that even the spacing posts in the
>keyboard were sheared off.  The circuit boards don't appear damaged
>and amazingly the tube doesn't appear damaged, but obviously the case
>is pretty heavily smashed.  The ebay seller accused me of trying to
>rip them off by claiming damage and then made a big stink about me
>giving them negative feedback.  I think there was *one* inflated
>pillow style spacer on the top of the unit when I opened it.  They
>also tried to claim that UPS packed it, which seems like utter
>I've been thinking that I might be able to glue enough of the pieces
>of the case back together to get something stable enough to have the
>electronics working again.  (I've never attempted to power it on and
>man, was I pissed when I opened up this box!)
>I suppose it would be prohibitively expensive to try and recast a new
>plastic enclosure for it...
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