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Thu Feb 8 20:37:41 CST 2007

From: Richard <legalize at>
>> As an aside, INMHO E-bay feedback is seriously broken, in that you can 
>> bet  seller will give you negative feedback if you give him negative 
>> feedback, no matter how poor the product, how misleading the discription, 
>> how promptly you paid, etc.
>In fact this seller tried to blackmail me saying "if you remove your
>negative feedback, then I will remove mine, 

I've not had this, but I've had a *lot* of sellers (almost always big ones) 
who have sent me mails to the effect "I'll leave you positive feedback after 
you leave me positive feedback".  I don't leave any feedback for them. 

As a slightly amusing aside, the only negative eBay feedback I have was from 
this Canadian douchebag dentist-in-training who was pissed I left him 
neutral (not negative) feedback that it took something like 3 weeks to ship 
two small packages.  Not only did he leave me negative feedback, as some 
sort of juvenile "payback" attempt, he tried to subscribe me to a couple of 
dozen random mailing lists.  Of course, every one sent me a "reply to this 
if you want to subscribe" email, which I ignored. 

Now, as it happens, I was a principle information security architect for a 
Very Large Telco at the time.  There's a certain amount of pull associated 
with the job. 

Not being real bright, our eBay dork didn't notice some of the mailing lists 
involved were hosted at .gov sites.  They we're more than willing to supply 
me with date/time/IP of the attempt to sign me up.  Very easy to track back 
to some jerk in Canada rather than me in sunny Atlanta, GA.  This resulted 
in a few personal calls to his school and ISP to the effect "I'm a senior 
security guy at Very Large Telco, but I have a little personal issue I was 
hoping you could help me out's the issue, here's the evidence".  
They apparently had a really good time dressing this little putz down. 

Moral of the story...don't try to screw random strangers.  You never know 
what kind of pull they have.

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