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> >> As an aside, INMHO E-bay feedback is seriously broken, in that you can 
> >> bet  seller will give you negative feedback if you give him negative 
> >> feedback, no matter how poor the product, how misleading the discription, 
> >> how promptly you paid, etc.
> >
> >In fact this seller tried to blackmail me saying "if you remove your
> >negative feedback, then I will remove mine, 
> >
> I've not had this, but I've had a *lot* of sellers (almost always big ones) 
> who have sent me mails to the effect "I'll leave you positive feedback after 
> you leave me positive feedback".  I don't leave any feedback for them. 

I don't leave feedback for a purchase until I've received the item and
had a chance to inspect it.

I've also had one person pester me repeatedly to leave positive
feedback.  I eventually did, but I notice the guy disappeared from
ebay shortly after that -- maybe dealing with people just wasn't his
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