Bugs in computer hardware (real ones)

Doc Shipley doc at mdrconsult.com
Fri Feb 9 00:40:24 CST 2007

Chuck Guzis wrote:

> I don't have that luxury---the eaves are too far above the ground.  A 
> pressure washer does nicely.  It may do well on this board, but I'd 
> advise caution.   Another idea is to find someone with an ultrasonic 
> cleaning tank--it might well get the blasted thing out.

   OK, I'm curious about the ultrasound idea.  Have you done this 
successfully with electronics?

   The reason I ask is that ultrasound turns a lot of semiprecious 
stones to mush.  I would have been afraid that ceramic components (and 
electrolytic capacitors, for that matter) wouldn't survive ultrasonic 


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