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>On 2/8/07, Richard <legalize at> wrote:
>> As near as I can tell, there are like 3 people who care about
>> terminals: myself, Paul Shuford (who is the only source of online
>> information about many kinds of terminals) and Paul Williams (who runs
>> and maintains
>4.  I have a collection of terminals, 90% of which are various DEC
>models (VT-50 through about VT-320), but a couple of Tektronix, couple
>of Planar, Heathkit, CiTOH, etc.

I have VT100 series and VT320 and VT340 along with a VT1200.

>> Most terminals do not have graphics capability, just character
>> capability.  Color graphics terminals are even scarcer.
>I'd have to check the stack, but the Tektronix terminals are color
>graphics + text (local printer port, etc.), and of course, the VT241
>is color graphics + text, as is the DEC GIGI.  I agree - they are
>rare.  Rarer are the applications to drive them.  I don't know of many
>color Tek apps, but there were quite a few for the GIGI under TOPS-20.

Error!  VT100 had sixel graphics as did VT220, 320 and 340 added color,
VT1200 as full graphics (xterm).

>>  Terminals that have 3D graphics builtin are even scarcer than that.
>Indeed.  I don't know if I've ever seen one.
>>  The Visual
>> 500 therefore is of interest to me because it is older and has
>> graphics.  (Not all Visual terminals have graphics, but the 500 does.)
>Interesting.  Shame the seller was too cheap/ignorant to package
>things properly.  I have to wonder how he got them to accept it - I've
>been to the UPS depot and seen them turn away customers with boxes
>that had heavy, shifting loads (improperly packaged computer bits).

The V500 and others postdate the VT220 and it was the VT100 and VT220
that were a strong influence on the high end ANSI compatable terminal
market.  Even the Heath H19 has VT52/ANSI(VT100 subset) compatable modes.


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