Speaking of terminals - a Morrow Designs/Lear Siegler ADM20 dropped on me today

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 17:39:11 CST 2007

Well... not literally "dropped"...

Someone handed me one at lunch today (he thought it was an ADM2 when
he mentioned it), so I brought it home and started googling around for
it.  Didn't see anything on bitsavers, but I did find this...


... on Dave Dunfield's pages, I presume.  From what I can read, it's a
pre/non-ANSI terminal from 1983.  I was going to use it as a console
for this Netra t 1125 (reboxed Sun Ultra 60 w/no holes for keyboard or
video), but the distinct lack of VT-100-compatibility makes me think
that I should dig something else out for a console to at least install
the OS.  Once it's up, there _is_ an adm20 entry in the termcap.

To me, at least, the only thing remarkable about it is the company
that made it.  At least there's a bit of lore attached to ADM3
terminals (and the historic places they used to be found in).  A
non-ANSI terminal from 1983 just isn't that exciting, so if anyone on
the list is really gung-ho for Morrow Designs stuff, make inquiries
off-list, please.

Gotta go dig up that Planar ELT-320 - at least it's small and
low-power (as well as being ANSI-compatible in the terminal (not PC
character graphics) sense).


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