oi ancient IBM computer "Bible"

Grant Stockly grant at stockly.com
Sat Feb 10 19:10:09 CST 2007

At 02:04 PM 2/10/2007, you wrote:
> > Once something winds up in a museum or someone's
> > collection, you can consider it lost essentially.
>With a few notable exceptions.
> > I commented to him about something in the past, and
> > got back a hate filled response from him and would never buy
> > anything from this guy.
>There is a VERY special place in Hell reserved for
>"New Beginnings Antiques"
>I would be very surprised if CHM doesn't have a copy
>of this. I'll see what I can do about getting it scanned.

Of course I watch Antiques Road Show on PBS and get upset when a 200 year 
old item is only worth a few thousand...  ; )

I think computers and computer related equipment are a little 
different.  Sure it is nice to OWN an original but the goal shouldn't be to 
own exclusive control of information or buying something because of what it 
contains (with the intention of not sharing).  I know of a few collectors 
who have manuals or other vintage computer related items who do not want 
them scanned or copied because it would reduce the value if their 
collection.  It really annoys me but there is not much that I can do.  ; 
)  I have other friends in the vintage computer community who own very 
valuable and rare items and have loaned them to me with the understanding 
that I wanted them to duplicate them.  They were more concerned with 
shipping damage than anything else.  ; )

For a while now I've owned by accident what amounts to the prototypes of 
the first computer controlled analog synth.  I'd like to think the items 
are WORTH something being original, but that is NOT going to stop me from 
scanning all of the pages and PCBs.

I made the Altair Kit with the same intentions.  I was only somewhat 
worried that I would get hate mail from people accusing me of diluting 
Altairs or lowering the value of Altairs.  So it was pretty funny when 
someone suggested that in 10 years my Altair might be worth more as there 
will be less in circulation.  ; )  So far no hate mail!  : )

I have provided so far 21 people with 100% functional Altair replicas, 
pending assembly...  Out of the Altairs I've seen on ebay, it is easy to 
see that maybe 10% work.  Thats good for a collector who wants it behind 
glass, bad for an experimenter.  ; )  The kit comes with a guarantee that 
as a last resort the unit can be shipped to me with prepaid return 
shipping.  It will be returned working.

Oh well, enough for now...


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