Preservation of Correspondence - And Media - MMI PALS's

Grant Stockly grant at
Sun Feb 11 16:25:05 CST 2007

>Looks like the 16R8 has 8 inputs, 8 D/Q outputs with feedback, 1 clock
>input, and 1 output enable input.  Looks like there are 32 columns (8x
>input True/False plus 8x D/Q feedback True/False) and 64 rows (8x
>product terms into each D/Q output) for a total of 2048 fuses.  So I
>think that would be 256x8, not 512x8.

1024 fuses is right.  Talking about "looks", I just happen to have pictures 
of the silicon on a MMI 16R8 HAL.  A HAL is just a manufactured PAL.

I have a 15-20 mega pixel picture of the entire fuse map.

I'd like to be able to say I finished reading it, but I barely got 
started.  There is a place in china that will do it for less than what it 
cost me to get the chip decapped.  :)


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