IBM and the Holocaust

Chris M chrism3667 at
Tue Feb 13 13:59:48 CST 2007

--- Evan Koblentz <evan at> wrote:

> Typical that at least one cctalker would reply with
> such idiocy.  Grant
> asked for opinions about the book itself.  There's
> absolutely no reason to
> go OT and include a moronic political opinion too.
> Why can't people understand that "on-topic and
> off-topic posts" in the list
> header does mean we've got carte blanche to say any
> assinine thing?

 Typical that you would excoriate someone for no good
reason. My guess would have been that the original
post was altogether off-topic. What has it to do with
hardware or software, or anything close? Really
nothing. And personally I didn't find his reply so
off-topic from THE topic, and hardly offensive. Rather
well put actually.
 I mean haven't we yet got our fill of being rude to
one another?

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